The correct course of action after a taxi accident

Get into an accident with a taxi?  The procedure is the same as for any other accident.
Get into an accident with a taxi? The procedure is the same as for any other accident.

Approx. 430 million passengers become dem German Taxi and Rental Car Association e. V. (BZP) brought from A to B by rental car or taxi companies in Germany every year. take on the day about 1.3 million people use this service. As a result, it is not surprising that there is often a Accident with a taxi comes.

Since in most cases taxes are service vehicles acts and the accidents accordingly often during the work time happen, there are some particularities, which should be observed. Even if taxi drivers use their own car, it is considered a company car from the moment it is in used for operational purposes.

How to behave when you were involved in an accident with your taxi, who has to pay for the accident damage and which regulations apply if passengers e.g. B. damage the vehicle when exitingread this guide.

FAQ: Taxi Accident

How should I proceed in a taxi accident?

In the event of an accident with a taxi, the same rules apply as in all traffic accidents: hazard warning lights and safety vest on, call the emergency services and provide first aid.

Who is liable for the damage?

If the accident with the taxi happens during the driver’s working hours, the employer is usually liable through his insurance company.

What if the passenger causes damage?

In such a case, the passenger is usually liable himself, as he has his own duty of care. This also applies, for example, if the passenger causes an accident by opening a door.Specific Advice on Road Accidents by Vehicle & Type of Traffic Involvement

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Getting into an accident with a taxi: How to proceed

If the accident involved a taxi, you must also secure the scene of the accident.
If the accident involved a taxi, you must also secure the scene of the accident.

Regardless of whether an accident occurs in your own car, in a taxi or in a rental car – the Behavior at the scene of the accident is the same:

  • Turn the hazard lights on to warn other drivers of the scene of the accident.
  • Draw one safety vest about before leaving the vehicle.
  • Hire warning triangle on.
  • If people are injured, pay First aid.
  • Notify him ambulance and the police.
  • Stay with the injured until the rescuers arrive.

Is at the other vehicle or your taxi through the accident just a fender bender incurred and no one was hurt, you are under no obligation to the to notify the police. However, you should exchange contact details and report the incident to the insurance company.

Do taxi drivers have to pay for the damage themselves?

To the liability issue being able to clarify is relevant when there was an accident with the taxi. Within the working time usually grabs the employer’s insurance. However, the accident must be at Doing business work have played. Is the taxi driver Private traveling with the company vehicle and damage occurs, he is liable himself Therefore.

Important: If there is an accident with the taxi because the driver grossly negligent or intentional acts, for example while he intentionally ignored a red light and there was then a collision with another motor vehicle, he is usually liable for the damage caused even if the incident happens in working hours has happened.

If the damage was caused by a passenger

If a taxi was involved in an accident because, for example, a passenger carelessly opened the door and this bumped into another car or even a cyclist, so The taxi driver is not to blame. The passenger carries it himself Duty of care when exiting and is therefore also liable for damages that through his actions have arisen.

It behaves with a taxi in an accident similar to that Transporting a drunk passenger. If he damages the car, for example by vomiting in it, he has to also for the damage incurred (in this case the cleaning)..