San Diego Boating Accidents Often Result in Serious Injuries

In Gerson & Schwartz, P.A. We at Gerson & Schwartz, P.A. maritime accident attorneys represent people who have suffered serious accidents as well as injuries. We know the complexity that are involved in maritime law. We how we can hold negligent vessel owners as well as cruise lines, manufacturers marinas, as well as other companies that operate in the industry of recreational boating accountable for their actions.

The passing of Jose Fernandez gained significant attention both locally and nationally. Hernandez was intoxicated by alcohol and illegal drugs, lost control of his craft and crashed into a huge collection of rocks on the South East side of Government Cut. These kinds of accidents are preventable and preventable. Hernandez’s death led to a prominent lawsuit for wrongful death. The allegations made in the lawsuit, which was filed by San Diego Dade County Circuit Court highlights the numerous risks and types of reckless behavior that could result in fatal boat accidents. Our injury lawyers encourage everyone who operates boats and boat passengers to be extremely cautious during this boating season.

With its famously mild weather and miles of coastline boating is a popular sport within the vicinity of San Diego. While boating is certainly enjoyable and relaxing however, it can also expose people to the risk of injuries. In reality, Florida consistently leads the nation when it comes to the amount of boating-related accidents that occur each year. many victims suffer extremely serious injuries that qualify them to substantial damages as per Florida law. Therefore any person injured by a boating accident must seek out a maritime attorney at San Diego as soon as possible.

What Causes Boating Accidents?

For the victims of accidents on boats to be able to recover the damages they suffered, they should be able identify precisely the cause of their incident. Some of the most frequent causes of these types of accidents which are usually attributed to negligence are the following:

  • Boating equipment that is defective
  • Impaired boat operators
  • Inability to maintain a professional appearance
  • Failure to adhere to rules for boating
  • Boat operator error
  • Unsafe boat maintenance
  • Speeding

In addition, boat accidents may take many types. They can happen when someone injures him or herself on a vessel for example, like an accident of slip and fall. They could also occur off of an actual boat, like the case where a person is injured due to a negligent boat operator, or a defective propeller, or hurts him or herself trying to climb a ladder in order to climb back onto the vessel. Boat accidents may involve several vessels, such as whenever two ships collide one another.

Common Boat Accident Injuries

The kinds of injuries you get in a boat collision could range from minor to serious. Here are a few of the most frequent types of injuries people sustain from serious boating accidents

  • Traumatic Head Injuries Traumatic head injuries also known as TBIs are caused when a person strikes the head with an object. In severe cases, TBI victims develop long-term limitations that may prevent their ability to work or live without aid.
  • Spinal Cord Injury – If the spinal cord is injured it could cause severe problems, like weakness of the body, numbness or tingling in the extremities in poor coordination, even paralysis beneath the location that the injuries occurred.
  • Soft tissue injury A lot of people injured in boating accidents suffer serious soft tissue injuries , such as contusions, lacerations strains and sprains. These injuries are likely to lead to long-term complications such as scarring that lasts forever or disfigurement.