The damage caused by an e-scooter in an accident is usually expensive.
The damage caused by an e-scooter in an accident is usually expensive.

E-scooters have been part of everyday life on German roads since 2019. Since there is an obligation to have insurance for electric scooters, the German Insurance Association (GDV) has now published a damage balance sheet for the first time. And this is quite sobering: In 2020, 1,150 accidents were reported in which people were injured by e-scooters. On average, liability insurers had to pay EUR 3,850 per accident.

Damage caused by e-scooters: insurance companies pay an average of 3,850 euros

Of the June 15, 2019 was the day on which E-scooters approved for use on the road for the first time became. These may have a maximum speed of 25 km/h. However, even at such a pace you can accidentsin which the electric scooters are involved, cause great damage.

That E-scooter high damage cause if this in a collision are involved, also shows a look at the statistics of the GDV Average amount of damage in motor vehicle liability insurance by vehicle type for 2020. were therefore valid following average values:

  • Car: 4,550 euros
  • E-scooters: 3,850 euros
  • Vehicles with insurance plates in total (mopeds, mopeds, Segways, S-pedelecs): 3,700 euros

Important: Which Rules for using an electric scooter apply on German roads and when fines threaten, you can in our Advice on e-scooters read in detail.

Damage caused by e-scooters shows that compulsory insurance was correct

These first statistics on damage caused by e-scooters underscore the importance of e-scooters having liability insurance.

The high compensation shows how good and correct the legislator’s decision was to introduce compulsory insurance for e-scooters[.]

He also points out how incorrect handling of e-scooters can be dangerous and appeals to compliance with the legal requirements:

E-scooters are not toys. They do not belong on the sidewalk, may not be ridden by children under the age of 14 and not in pairs or even in groups of three.

danger: To the March 1, 2022 there will be a change of signs for e-scooters, mopeds and mopeds. These vehicles may then only be put into operation if they have a green indicator feature. The ones used so far Blue license plates are then no longer valid. Anyone who continues to drive with these no longer enjoys insurance cover through liability and must pay for the damage caused by the e-scooter themselves. It is also a criminal offense punishable by a fine or imprisonment of up to six months.