What can a Personal Injury Attorney Help me?

A competent Houston personal injury attorney can help you recover both physically and emotionally after the trauma of a serious accident. We at Accident Lawyer, consider your claim seriously, starting with an exhaustive investigation into your incident. After that we will have our Houston attorneys for personal injuries will carefully record the details of your case and analyze the severity of the injuries you sustained. We will also help in obtaining any special medical attention you require.

Insurance companies strive to settle claims as quickly and with as little expense as feasible. The lawyers of Accident Lawyer will pursue just and fair compensation for personal injury claims considering the present and future costs. We Houston personal injury lawyers will keep you updated every step of the process while trying to safeguard your interests.

Furthermore, the legal team of Accident Lawyer will also perform the following:

  • Inform the at-fault party as well as your insurance company(s)
  • Consult your health care provider for any medical charges
  • Find out the cause of your accident and take any evidence
  • Identify liable parties
  • Find any required medical and financial expert opinions
  • Reach a settlement agreement with your insurance company(s)
  • Documents that are legal must be filed. You can bring your case to the court, if needed.

Texas restricts the time you can submit a personal injury claim. Consult one of the attorneys in the Accident Lawyer today to know more about your rights to claim compensation.

What is a Personal Injuries?

Personal injuries are harm resulting from actions or omissions by another person or entity. In the case of a typical personal injury, the person who suffers injury seeks compensation from the party at fault’s insurance company. Businesses, individuals, or other entities could be accountable for the severe injuries.

The most frequent kinds of personal injury lawsuits include, but aren’t restricted to the following:

  • Car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Motorbike accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Rideshare accidents
  • Railroad accidents
  • Accidents with boats
  • Maritime injuries
  • Dog bite accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Premises liability
  • Legal liability for product
  • Construction accidents
  • Accidents involving slips and falls
  • Accidents in the oil field and fracking
  • Oil refinery accident
  • Accidents at work that cause injury to workers
  • Nursing home negligence
  • Medical malpractices
  • Wrongful death

Different types of personal injuries

Personal injuries vary in severity. Some injuries are only temporary and recover with treatment. The more serious personal injuries could limit a person’s capacity to work or perform everyday activities including personal care.

Personal injury claims may include however, they are not restricted to, the following:

  • Lacerations
  • Bone fractures
  • The back, neck and spinal injuries to the spine, back, neck and neck
  • Concussions
  • Brain traumas
  • Internal organ damage
  • Nerve damage
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Joint injuries
  • Hip injuries
  • Loss of the limb
  • Burns
  • Disfigurement
  • Scarring

What’s the Cost of an Attorney for Personal Injury Charge?

It’s not a secret that legal fees can be incredibly costly. If you’re faced with thousands of dollars of medical expenses and you’re not able to get extra income as a result of the injuries you sustained, it could be tempting to skip an injury lawyer and instead handle yourself in your case. But, personal injury lawyers aren’t as expensive as you might think due to the concept of contingency fees.

Our company is based on a basis of contingency fees to reduce your out-of-pocket costs. In this arrangement, you are not required to pay legal fees until we have an agreement for you. If we can secure compensation on your behalf the fees we charge won’t come from your pockets.

Instead, we’ll use a predetermined percentage of your final settlement amount to pay for the services we provide. The typical contingency fee is about 33%. This means that you don’t need to pay upfront fees or deposits, nor will you be charged any additional fees to represent yourself. When you work with an Accident Lawyer, you can seek justice for serious injuries without having to worry about debts that may arise.

Accident Lawyer aims to provide legal assistance as easily and affordable as is possible. Contact us today for your complimentary consultation and find out more about the services our lawyers can help you with.

What should I do if I’m injured in Houston?

If you suspect that you’re victimized by a personal accident in Houston the speed of your response is the most crucial aspect. You must ensure that you file your claim before the deadline that is appropriate and also preserves the evidence that you will need to show you are the one who was responsible for your injuries. To get the best results, follow the steps following after the accident to safeguard your claim.

  • Take care to seek medical attention. Not only will it help you recover from injuries, but you will also receive medical records which will prove valuable for your case. Also, putting off seeing an audiologist could damage the credibility of your case so be sure to get treatment promptly.
  • Report the incident. Inform law enforcement to get the details of the event. If you’re involved in a car crash, for instance the officer responding will draft a car crash report which will describe the scene of the crash as well as what they observe on the scene.
  • Do not contact an insurance adjuster following an accident. The insurance adjuster might request an unsigned statement to help speed up your settlement, however, giving an answer before knowing the full details of the claim may hurt your claim in the longer term.
  • Contact an Houston personal injury lawyer whenever you can. Your lawyer will start an investigation into your claim and then file your civil lawsuit prior to the deadline.

If your injury case has an insurance provider it is recommended that you speak to a lawyer before meeting with an adjuster from the insurance company. It is crucial to keep in mind that since the insurance insurer is paying for your losses, it’s unlikely to be in the best interests to settle for the highest amount.

If you speak to an adjuster before knowing the severity and extent of your injuries, you may give a false impression that could hurt your claim in the future or agree to a settlement less than you require. A personal injury lawyer can assess the value and lead you through these talks to safeguard your interests.

Who’s Liable for my personal injury in Houston?

Personal injury cases are based on the concept of negligence. You as well as your lawyer will have to collect evidence to prove the four requirements listed below.

  • The party at fault was liable to you for a duty of care.
  • The party at fault was in breach of the obligation of care.
  • The carelessness directly contributed to your injuries.
  • You may be able to collect damages from your lawsuit in order to recuperate from these injuries.

You may make a personal injury claim against a single or more participant in your case. Based on the specific circumstances of your situation the party at fault could be another motorist or property owner or a government agency or even medical professionals.

The first step to determine the parties responsible in your case is to reach out to a Houston attorney for personal injuries who will begin an investigation into your grave accident. The lawyer you choose will have sources and connections you might not have access to and can assist you in determining the people to mention in your lawsuit and the estimate of settlement.

What’s the Timeline to File a Injury Claim in Texas?

Every personal injury claim is subject to the statute of limitations which is a law that establishes an expiration date for when you must make a claim in Texas the civil courts. If you don’t make your claim in the time that the time limit expires and the court is likely to deny your claim, and you’ll lose your chances of claiming the damages you’re entitled to claim.

In Texas, there is a general rule that you get 2 years after the time of the accident to file a claim. There are exceptions to this policy according to the circumstances that led to the claim. For instance, if you did not realize the injury until later the statute of limitations is two years from when you first discovered the injury, instead of that of the incident. If your claim is based on the government agency, you have to make a formal claim against the government within six months from the date of the injury.

The statute of limitations might indeed seem too limited however, this deadline offers numerous benefits to your injury claim. First, the filing deadline of a predetermined timeframe ensures witnesses are trustworthy and are available to testify. Additionally, filing earlier can help ensure that the evidence you have in your accident case from being lost or being damaged when you get to the courtroom.

In the end, the earlier you submit an injury claim the faster and more plausible your claim will be heard by the court. To get the best results, you should contact an attorney for personal injuries early enough to begin filing your claim.

Compensation for Personal Injury Cases

Compensation for personal injuries is contingent upon the nature of the injury as well as its extent. But, the majority of personal injury cases permit compensation for damages which comprise:

  • Medical expenses that have been incurred in the past like doctor visits, hospital bills and so on.
  • The future medical costs for physical therapy, for example.
  • Suffering and pain
  • Property loss
  • Loss of wages
  • Future earnings capacity loss
  • Physical disfigurement
  • Traumas emotional and mental

Damages can also be claimed to pay funeral costs when personal injuries cause the death of loved ones.

Are there limits on damages in Personal Injury Instances?

While you can claim damages for all your losses, however, Texas’ state Texas has set limitations on the amount you can collect. These rules are only applicable to claims for medical malpractice.

There are two kinds of damage in civil litigation that are non-economic and economic. Economic damages refer to your expenditures that are not covered by your pocket including medical expenses as well as lost earnings. Non-economic damages include your emotional and physical suffering including mental stress and post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic suffering.

When it comes to medical malpractice lawsuits, Texas places a limit for the maximum amount in non-economic compensation that you may get. According to this law, it is possible to get $250,000 for each defendant and $500,000 in total non-economic damages from your lawsuit.

The court could also award punitive damages when the person at fault was guilty of gross negligence. Texas is a state that limits how much punitive damage you could be awarded using a precise formula that is two multiplied by the value of any economic losses you are awarded in addition to any non-economic damage. For instance, if you are awarded the sum of $10,000 in economic damages, as well as $5,000 of non-economic damage, the punitive amount you receive can be as high as $25,000.

What is the timeframe for an Injury Case?

Personal injury claims could take anywhere from two to three years to settle according to the circumstances of the accident. Once you have received medical treatment and you contact your personal injury lawyer from Accident Lawyer, your lawyer will begin an investigation to begin investigating the claim.

Then, your lawyer must wait till you have reached the point of maximum health improvement (MMI) before declaring your lawsuit. MMI is the time in which you have stopped any medical treatment and have recovered as far as you are able to. It could take days or months to achieve MMI.

When you’ve reached MMI and your lawyer will estimate your damages. Then, you must decide whether or not you want to submit demands and bargain with the responsible party. The majority of personal injury cases end up in court and you might be able to receive your settlement during the negotiations. If your lawyer decides not to bargain or negotiations don’t go for you it is time to begin the court process.

Your lawyer for injury will file your claim in the civil court and then enter the discovery process. During this time, you’ll exchange information and argument with your defendant as well as his or her attorney. The process could last from six months and one year, based on the case. After discovery, you could engage in pre-trial negotiations to settle your case prior to going to court.

It is possible to settle your case at this point or negotiations could be unsuccessful or fail to conclude. If that’s the case your case will go to trial, and a jury and judge will be able to hear the arguments from both parties. When you have concluded your claim, the judge will decide if it is going to give you a settlement and what amount. A personal injury trial could take place over a single day, one week, or even longer, based on your particular case.

Although the personal injury lawsuit procedure may seem long but filing a claim is the sole option to get the most settlement in the event of an injury. If you settle for a settlement less than what you’re entitled to then you could be facing more debt and financial hardship at a later date. By investing in a personal injury lawsuit now can safeguard your future interests, assist you to pay for long-term medical treatment and supplement your income and heal from your physical and emotional traumas.

The right to be protected in an Injury Claim

There are steps one should take to ensure their rights to file an injury claim. If an accident causes an injury that is significant, make certain to take the following steps:

  • Take immediate medical care.
  • Follow all medical advice.
  • Make sure you attend all doctor’s appointments.
  • Inform the police as quickly as you can.
  • Contact management, police, or security in the area where the incident took place.
  • Take a copy of any report that was made on the spot.
  • Take all contact details of witnesses.
  • Take pictures of the area of the accident as well as any injuries and any other pertinent details.
  • Record exactly what transpired while it’s fresh in your memory as well as the times between the incident and afterwards.
  • Documents related to accidents should be kept including receipts and letters.
  • Don’t give a written statement to the insurance company of the other party. company.
  • Don’t provide any recorded statement.
  • Do not sign anything given by an adjuster for insurance.
  • Be sure to stay away from the internet and all other social networks.
  • Find an experienced Houston Personal injury attorney prior to making any declarations or agreeing to any settlement offered by the insurance provider.