It’s essential to be aware of the risks involved It is always possible to manage your personal injury case without the need of an lawyer. In the event that your injuries aren’t too serious and the liability of the other party is clear it might be more cost-effective to bargain your own personal injury settlement instead of transferring one-third of your settlement to an attorney (which is the norm in the personal injury lawyer fee agreement).

This article will provide some guidelines for determining the damages you’ll incur in personal injury cases. In other words, what you’re worth. When you’ve taken into consideration the other crucial aspects (evidence of responsibility, the possibility of incompetence, availability of insurance coverage.) you’ll be prepared to write an official demand letter.

Since this page is lengthy and long, we’ve broken it up into sections:

  • When To Consider Self-Representation
  • Important First Steps & Tips
  • Estimating Your Damages
  • Sending Your Demand Letter
  • Countering and Accepting a Settlement

When To Consider Self-Representation

It is certainly possible to defend yourself when you file a personal injury lawsuit following an accident and come out with a positive outcome. This is particularly true in the event that you’ve dealt with the legal aspects of your own in the past and you’re willful to defend yourself and your claim.

When deciding if self-representation is the right choice It is helpful to think about two main factors.

What was the extent to which you were injured? If you slip and fall at a retail store and get a few bruises The store might not have much of an argument. They might offer a quick settlement to pay for the cost of your medical bills, along and a few extra dollars into the mix for discomfort. Everybody is (relatively) content.

If you’ve been in a serious accident, received intensive medical treatment, suffered an amount of money and suffered severe pain and suffering due to your injuries, you might consider discussing your situation with an experienced lawyer for injuries. If your damages (“damages” in legal terms) are substantial and significant, the stakes are higher for everyone involved. For you, because you require an equitable amount of compensation for your injuries as well as for the defendant (usually an insurance firm) as they do not wish to settle for a large amount to settle the matter. When things become confrontational. This is the time to hire someone with experience in the (often adversarial) conflict of litigating.

Does it appear you can prove that another party was responsible? If it’s obvious that the defendant or one of its employees are responsible for the incident–you’ve witnesses who have testified in your name, as an instance–you might be able to prove your fault, and get a reasonable settlement by yourself.

However, like the question of the severity of the injury mentioned above it is possible to expect more of a battle if it isn’t so obvious that the defendant is at fault for the accident. Defense lawyers may claim that they are the ones to blame the defendant and claim that you were not paying attention to where you were headed in the moment you fell. Or, you drove too quickly and could have avoided the car crash or perhaps you fell down the steps because you were using your mobile (not because the staircase was defective). In this type of scenario, it’s generally worth hiring an attorney.