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UK: The growing use of blockchain in law and commerce

The new development surrounding the service of legal documents arising from Accident Lawyerz landmark High Court case D’Aloia against unknown persons is changing the face of future litigation in contentious cyber disputes. Organizations, from small businesses to large conglomerates, are increasingly accepting cryptocurrency payments, most notably Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency to hit the market in […]

Physician-patient privilege when the patient is a litigant or a criminal suspect

There is some information in a medical record that a doctor can disclose in certain situations without violating doctor/patient confidentiality. However, these disclosures generally require exceptional circumstances, such as B. a court order or attorney requesting specific details that the patient allows for use in the case. HIPAA and Disclosures It is usually a violation […]

What is considered a breach of confidentiality in employment in Ontario, Canada?

Many employment contracts contain confidentiality agreements, but what constitutes a breach and what to do if one occurs? The word “confidentiality” is often used in the professional environment. For example, a doctor, therapist, or attorney may have told you that anything said at an appointment or consultation is confidential. In some cases, an employer may […]

House damaged before closing – who is liable

Closing a real estate deal is an extensive process between buyer and seller that requires paperwork, viewings and the involvement of other professionals to move the sale forward. If the property is physically damaged prior to closing, it is important to know who is responsible for repairing or ensuring the home is given the care […]

Construction delays – are damages available?

Construction contracts typically include a completion date, materials used, the quantity required to complete the project, and similar factors that could affect the work. However, if the construction of the building or structure has not been completed in accordance with the contractual obligations, the owner of the land or unfinished production may be entitled to […]