Large truck crashes can be devastating for those who are in a smaller car. A car that is involved in a collision with another vehicle is likely to experience an entirely different outcome as one that has an accident with a truck. While some victims of accidents could be able get away from an accident involving semi trucks with minor injuries, such as bruises and scrapes truck accidents typically result with catastrophic injuries, or even and wrongful death. The most frequent injuries from a truck accident are:

Traumatic brain injury to the brain

Injury to the spinal cord

Neck injuries

Back injuries

Burn injuries

Bone fractures

Wrongful death

If you or someone close to you is injured in the course of a Los Angeles truck accident, contact a seasoned lawyer for truck accidents to find out what you can do to protect your rights.

Who’s Liable in the event of a truck accident?

Most truck-related collisions within Los Angeles come down to company liability for trucking. The trucking company is accountable for not just its actions, but also the actions of its truck drivers. It is the trucking company’s obligation to prevent accidents in a reasonable manner. It can do this by regularly inspecting its vehicles as well as proper training and hiring procedures, and following all safety rules for trucking enforced by the federal government. If the business is not diligent in observing this obligation of care and results in an unavoidable accident and damages the business, it could be held liable for any damage.

In the case of vicarious liability the trucking business will also be responsible for the inattention of its employees, which includes truck drivers with independent contracts. If a truck driver ground controller, cargo loader or other employee of the company was responsible for your recent accident the company will be held accountable for the fault of the other person was working during the time of the negligence. The trucking company has greater insurance coverage than an individual driver, therefore it’s better to make the company accountable for the injuries you sustained.

Third parties are those who were who is not specifically involved in the accident but nevertheless played a role in the accident or to victims of injuries. One common example is a manufacturer of trucks which produced a flawed or unsafe vehicle component. A tire blowout could indicate the liability of the manufacturer. Other instances include those of City of Los Angeles (if there was a road defect, like an accident caused by a pothole) or a different driver of a motor vehicle. A knowledgeable Los Angeles truck accident attorney from our firm can assist you to identify the cause of the accident and determine who is responsible to your specific truck accident.