It’s the horror of most travellers: They fly on vacation, wait for their own suitcase at the baggage claim – and then it can’t be found. What few people know: You are entitled to compensation from the airline if your luggage is lost. In this article you can read how you can assert your claims for compensation in the event of luggage loss and what deadlines you have to observe.

The essentials in brief

    • Travelers are entitled to compensation from the airline in the event of lost baggage or baggage that arrives very late.
    • In the case of package tours, there is a right to a reduction if luggage is lost.
    • If your suitcase is missing, you have 21 days to report the loss.
    • The maximum compensation limit is around €1,300 per suitcase and passenger.

Lost suitcase at the airport: what can I do?

There is currently a real suitcase chaos at airports. If you should be affected by the loss of a suitcase, the first thing to do is to keep calm. If your suitcase does not appear on the conveyor belt at baggage claim even after a long wait, you should go to the Lost and found switch go and report the loss of your suitcase. In such cases, many airlines issue an emergency kit.

If you have booked a package tour, you must report the loss of the suitcase to the tour operator or tour guide. If you don’t do that, you can’t later Reduction claims regarding the travel priceassert.

Is there compensation for lost luggage?

Similar to significant flight delays, there is also compensation if your suitcase is lost. In principle, airlines are obliged to replace your suitcase and its contents if your suitcase after 21 days still hasn’t reappeared. The maximum liability limit is €1,273 per passenger (Art. 22 Para. 2 of the Montreal Convention).

In addition, the airline must Procurement of all necessary things, which you need if you lose your suitcase. So if you get the necessary clothing and hygiene items on site, be sure to keep the receipts.

However, you are only entitled to compensation if you return the lost suitcase within 21 days Report. Do you have your suitcase? damaged get back, you only have 7 days timeto show the damage. If you have booked a package holiday, you must report immediately if your luggage has been lost. If in doubt, consult a lawyer specializing in travel law and seek advice.

Avoid suitcase chaos: Here’s how!

In order to avoid such a suitcase chaos or to ensure that you can assert your claims for compensation without any problems, you should consider the following tips if possible:

    1. So that your suitcase can be easily identified, take a photo before departure. You should also write down what is in your suitcase and the overall value of the contents. Keep as many receipts as possible Proof of the value of the contents of the suitcase to be able to
    1. Some airlines exclude compensation for cash, jewelry, etc. If possible, find out before departure whether this is the case with your airline.
    1. valuables should you im carry-on baggage carry with them. It is also advisable to spread the clothes of all fellow travelers over several suitcases. If a suitcase is gone, everyone still has something to wear with them.
    1. The contents of your suitcase are worth more than €1,300? Then give your airline one for a surcharge
      value declaration and thus increase the liability limit for lost suitcases.

This is how a lawyer can help you

If you are affected by the suitcase chaos and your luggage is lost, you are entitled to compensation from the airline.

If this stands in the way or if you have difficulties asserting your claims for other reasons, simply contact one partner lawyer and legal experts for travel law and make an appointment for a non-binding initial telephone conversation. Our lawyers and legal experts will help you promptly and advise you individually.